Business Gateway Online Tutorials Launched

As well as providing digital support to Scottish businesses through specialist support and digital guides, Digital Boost has launched a suite of free online tutorials through the Business Gateway channel covering all things digital. This free online tutorial on Digital Marketing Strategy will look to present an overview of the digital marketing landscape and how to to make the most of your digital engagement.

The three lessons within this tutorial focus on:

Creating your content - Understanding your audience, planning content.
Publishing your content - Why, when and where.
Amplifying your content - Informing and interacting with your audience.

A digital marketing strategy will give you a foundation on which to build all your key online marketing activities, and ensure business objectives are being met.

Take a look today!

As well as the video tutorials, there's a free downloadable digital strategy template to help you plan and structure your digital marketing activity.

DigitalBoost is funded by Digital Scotland and delivered by Business Gateway.

Digital Boost launch free online video tutorials for Scottish businesses
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